Regulation Station Frequently Asked Questions

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I've never participated in a Webinar. How does it work?

A Webinar is a live webcast that you participate in while in the comfort of your own surroundings. When you register for any of the events, you will receive a unique URL The link to the login page should be sent to you in a confirmation email once you register. On the day of the webinar, about 15 minutes before the webinar, you will be able to login to the webinar from this page. You will need to enter your name and email address that you registered with.

What equipment do I need to participant in a webinar?

All you need is a telephone line to access the audio portion of the webinar and a computer with an Internet connection to access the visual portion.

What time is the webinar?

All webinars are listed in “EST”, which stands for Eastern Standard Time.

What do I do if I’m having problems registering for the webinar?
Contact Brooke Akins at 312.224.1693 or via email at
What if I am running late, will I disrupt the presentation?
You will not disrupt the presentation at all. Attendance is not be publicly displayed therefore nobody will know if you arrive late, or if you have to leave early.
Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?
No, we’ll take care of that for you. As an attendee, you are automatically muted.
Will there be an opportunity to ask the presenter questions?
Can I get a copy of the slides being used in the webinar?
The distribution of presentation slide decks is dependent upon the speaker’s requirements. Please contact the organizer ( regarding the particular webinar for further clarity.
The sound is breaking up. What do I do?
Make sure you are using a wired Internet connection. A wireless Internet connection may slow the delivery of the webinar to your computer. Most sound issues are either related to your computer system volume and speakers. Common sources of poor sound, or frequently halting audio is a slow internet connection. This can be the case when connecting with a dial-up modem, or if receiving a poor wireless internet signal. Verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer’s volume is at an audible level. If you have external speakers for your system, make sure they are turned on and turned up. If you still experience audio issues, please use your phone for a direct audio connection. The organizer will provide an alternative call-in number and access code in session.
If the presenter’s audio is too low for me, what can I do to get more volume?
Turn up the internal volume control on your computer, or turn up your speakers. If you are using a telephone, adjust your headset or change its position.

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